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How to choose the most suitable place to stay depending on your health problem?

The peculiarity of each natural environment, area, its height above sea level, has its own direct impact on the state of human health, on helping the body in the fight against chronic health problems or the consequences of exacerbation of diseases.

And while Italians, like many others, are very fond of the sea, sometimes hilly or wooded upland areas, with a less humid climate and cooler temperatures, are better suited.

What to prefer – the sea, mountains or a lake, and in what cases is this or that place of stay indicated to restore health?

We can offer you the following directions:


The mountains have long established themselves for most people as a natural health resort. However, for those who suffer from chronic diseases such as obstructive bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, asthma, for those who are obese, and for the category of people who are weakened by prolonged stress – mountains are an excellent means of dealing with the consequences of chronic diseases and for the speedy recovery of strength weakened by data human diseases. (Umberto Solimene, President of the Center for Research in Medical Bioclimatology, Thermal Medicine. Milan).


The sea is a favorite vacation spot for the vast majority of the world’s population. From the results of research at British Columbia University, it turned out that the sea with its blue-blue color scheme itself is capable of inspiring a feeling of peace and inner peace.

However, from the point of view of medicine for the protection of human health – a relaxing holiday at sea has a positive effect on people suffering from seasonal allergies (not of the asthmatic type). The sea is also good for those who suffer from chronic catarrhal inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, chronic otitis media, and chronic obstruction of the lungs (Umberto Solimene). The benefits of the sea climate are also undeniable for the elderly, especially those suffering from osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

Hilly terrain

The hilly countryside, far from the bustle and pollution, with its gardens, fields and copses, is an excellent natural remedy for those suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, decompensated heart ailments, as well as various nervous and psychopathic disorders (mild to moderate nephropathies and anxiety neuroses with psychosomatic disorders ).

Hills at an altitude of 5-700 meters have a “milder” climate due to lower humidity and a comfortable temperature for humans. Clean air, no annoying fuss – a wonderful natural health resort for the restoration of the immune system and the strength lost during illness!


The atmosphere of the lake, the silence of its backwaters, the light movement of its calm waters create a relaxing, pacifying effect for the human body.

Rest on the lake certainly has a positive effect on the body, exhausted by fatigue and illness.

The climate of the lake has a beneficial effect on hypertensive patients, good for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, favorable for decompensation and chronic obstructive bronchopneumonia, asthma.

The regularity of such a rest calms the person, which is useful for restoring his immune system.

Based on a scientific study by Umberto Solimene, President of the Center for Research in Medical Bioclimatology, Thermal Medicine of the city of Milan.

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