Services - Real Prestige Properties


As a trusted advisor to our clients, Prestige Properties is founded on professionalism, honesty, transparency and total commitment.

We offer a wide range of services for both buyers and sellers. All of our employees are multilingual and have local knowledge.

Services for the buyer

Undoubtedly, our first and most important task is to get to know our clients in order to truly understand what they are looking for. We value the fact that each client has a unique set of requirements, and that is what sets us apart from our competitors because we take the time to listen and understand our clients.
We understand that finding a property can often be a daunting and time consuming task. To relieve the stress associated with finding a property and, in particular, working with multiple agencies, we offer a personalized property search service.

What sets us apart from most agencies is that if our portfolio does not have properties that meet the needs of our clients, we will do our best to find it, including working with a network of reputable partner agencies throughout Italy. This gives us much more options for our clients to find exactly what they are looking for.
We understand that buying a property can be stressful and that due diligence is required before finalizing a purchase. We work with a number of reputable notaries, lawyers, surveyors and tax advisors who can assist in all aspects of the legal and technical expertise of real estate purchases. This allows us to find solutions for even the most complex transactions.

For foreign buyers, we will help to appoint professionals who speak their own language to be in their comfort zone.
We offer comprehensive post-purchase assistance, including renovation and project management services, relocation assistance and property management.

Services for owners

Our reach is truly global. We promote our real estate portfolio to a wide and affluent audience, both international and national, through our focus on marketing initiatives as well as our extensive global network of partners and direct contacts. We attract buyers from all over the world.
If the owner needs an appraisal of the value of his property, we will arrange this through an experienced sales person.
Our public relations partners provide extensive press coverage of our facilities in the world's most important press and media. We also maintain a strong presence through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.
At the discretion of sellers, we advertise through a variety of media, including online, magazines, newspapers and social media.

We also advertise our properties on international real estate portals as this is where potential buyers start their search.
Considering the level of the objects we sell and the demands of our customers, a high-quality presentation and professional photographs are indisputably a must.