How to clear a car with Russian license plates in Italy - Real Prestige Properties

How to reissue and register a car with Russian license plates in Italy? Can you clear customs by zero without paying customs duty?

Many asked these questions when buying real estate in Italy, an apartment in the center of the city of Florence or Milan or Genoa, or maybe a luxury villa on the Tuscan coast in Forte dei Maria or Punta Ala, it becomes necessary to buy a car. To buy a car in Italy, you need to be a resident, i.e. to have a registration – this registration also makes it possible to save a large amount of taxes overpaid for a purchase, but this has only 18 months from the date of the purchase and sale act. If you decide not to buy a car in Italy, but to register your car from Russia and register it in Italy without paying customs duty, check the following things:

  • you own this car in Russia for at least 6 months before you applied for registration in Italy (in some cases it can be less, but this complicates the process a little)
  • this car is European assembly

So, if you answered yes to all these two points, read on.

  • Customs – through an authorized company, customs representatives – “spedizionieri” you issue Bolletta in franchigia, this procedure takes about 10 working days on average and costs about 200 euros.
  • The second step can be requested at the same time as the first – the official dealer of your car in Italy, request the technical data of your car – Scheda Tecnica – from the Mercedes on the website: https: // cost 246 euros.
  • Motorizzazione – go to the registration authority, provide the documents from points 1 and 2, as well as pay receipts and assign the TO of the car, in Italian collaudo – they will check all the data from the technical scheme, engine number, VIN number, tires, check the light. And then, within 2 days, you arrive, give the original STS to your car and get an Italian STS (libretto) and Italian numbers.
  • The last step of PRA – register the car in PRA within 60 days from the date of receiving the license plates.