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Investments in real estate in Italy, in Florence – the center of world art; Venice, Rome is that contribution to financial security that will provide you with a stable income, because the demand for cities – museums, capitals of world culture and the greatest achievement of art is always high and relevant.

Exclusive villa with pool near Florence

Are you worried about the content of the purchased property and the taxes on the purchase?

Here you just need to know some important aspects: having bought your first real estate in Italy and registered in it, you do not pay any maintenance taxes (except for objects registered in the cadastral register under A1, A8, A9 – luxury villas and apartments, palaces, etc. locks). This means that you can buy a gorgeous penthouse, townhouse, any home to live in that, according to the said law, will not be subject to ownership tax.

Or, for example, if you bought a castle, then it belongs to the cadastral category A9 – BUT, at the same time it can be entered in the register of art monuments, such objects are completely tax-exempt, such as this castle. Majestic castle in Lombardy

Special attention to Milan – the business heart of Italy.

It is important that a property located in the “golden mile” of a growing city has good prospects for further growth in its price and rent. However, the current purchase price of such an object is significant – it must be objective and adequate.

For example, this is a modern building with six apartments in the center of Milan.

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