Important news for owners touristic short term rent - new budget law 2024 - Real Prestige Properties

The new 2024 budget law has introduced important changes for tourist rentals, so it is essential to be informed and act accordingly to comply with current regulations.

One of the main changes concerns the tax rate for those who rent properties to tourists. With the new law, the rate has been set at 26% for those who have opted for the flat rate tax, which replaces income tax and related surcharges, as well as registration and stamp duty on the rental contract. However, for those who own only one property, the rate remains at 21%, in the presence of multiple properties rented on one of their choice, they can still opt to pay 21% and for others 26%.

Short-term rentals in the case of exceeding the threshold of 4 apartments per calendar year, this activity is presumed to be carried out in a business manner with the obligation to include all the fees received in the business income.

Furthermore, a series of obligations have been introduced for managers of properties used for tourist rentals for less than 30 days. Among these obligations, the first is to obtain the Cin (National Identification Code) from the Ministry of Tourism, by submitting an electronic application accompanied by a substitute declaration certifying the cadastral data of the unit and certain safety requirements of the facilities. Those who do not have the Cin risk fines ranging from 800 euros to 8,000 euros.Furthermore, a fine has been provided for those who, despite having the Cin, do not comply with the obligation to display the code outside the structure from 500 euros to 5000 euros

Another important innovation concerns security requirements, especially for those who operate in an entrepreneurial way. In addition to compliant systems, managers must equip property units with devices for the detection of combustible gases and carbon monoxide, as well as install portable fire extinguishers compliant with law in accessible and visible positions, with a minimum of one extinguisher per floor every 200 square meters of flooring, in the absence of which there is a fine of 600 euros to 6,000 euros

It is essential to be aware of these regulations and act accordingly to avoid penalties for complying with the law.