rif. 280 - Gorgeous Castel near Florence - Real Prestige Properties
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  • Icon Interior: 450
  • Icon Exterior: 20 HA
  • Icon Bedrooms: 8
  • Icon Bathrooms: 8

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    Gorgeous Castel near Florence

    Just a few minutes from Greve in Chianti stands a magnificent 12th century fortified castle. The dominant position of the castle made it strategically important for the control of communications between Florence and Siena. In 1629 the castle was partially destroyed by the faction of the Ghibellines of Siena who were fighting against the faction of the Florentine Guelphs. During the scrupulous renovation of the Castle, the original style was maintained using only the original masonry, to recreate the atmosphere of the past. The historic complex consists of 3 buildings with a total of 8 independent apartments (6 two-room and 2 three-room apartments) and 1 Cottage (former medieval church). The land of the castle is spread over about 20 hectares (of which there is also 1 hectare of vineyard and olive grove). The property includes 2 panoramic swimming pools. A breathtaking 360 ° view opens up from all over the property. The castle is accessed via an unpaved road of about 800 meters. The structure lends itself perfectly both to a private residence with total privacy, and as a magnificent accommodation facility.

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