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    The villa itself is a stunning example of Tuscan Baroque architecture, with its ornate details and grand proportions. It is located in the picturesque hills near Florence, offering a peaceful and tranquil setting. It is situated at the gates of the Casentinesi Forest National Park, providing easy access to beautiful nature trails and outdoor activities.
    The complex is a spacious and diverse property that includes the main villa, two neighboring farmhouses, and various other facilities. In total, the property measures 2,290 square meters.
    The main focus of the complex is the 38 apartments, which have been completely renovated and converted into residential units. These apartments vary in size and layout, providing a range of options to meet different accommodation needs. Altogether, the complex can accommodate up to 80 beds, making it suitable for large groups or events.
    In addition to the residential units, the complex offers various amenities. There is a private chapel, providing a tranquil space for religious ceremonies or quiet contemplation. The property also includes agricultural outbuildings, which can be utilized for storage or farming activities.
    For dining options, there is a 60-seat restaurant on-site, allowing guests to enjoy delicious meals without having to leave the complex. The complex also has a boiler room, ensuring comfortable heating throughout the property. Additionally, there is a sorciaia cellar, which can be used for wine storage or other purposes.
    Overall, the complex offers a unique blend of residential and hospitality facilities, making it a versatile and appealing property for a range of purposes.
    The property also boasts a thriving organic farm, covering a total of 54 hectares of land. The primary crop grown on the farm is olive trees, spanning approximately 17 hectares with over 5300 plants. This yields an average yearly production of about 5500 liters of Tuscan IGP organic extra virgin olive oil "Colline di Firenze."
    In addition to olive oil, the farm produces a variety of other agricultural products, including vegetables, honey, chestnuts, and firewood. These offerings provide a diverse range of local, organic products for guests and visitors.
    To enhance the experience of staying at the villa, there is a beautiful swimming pool measuring 20x10 meters, perfect for a refreshing swim on hot summer days. Additionally, a tennis court is available for those looking to enjoy some friendly competition.
    Overall, the combination of the picturesque location, historic villa, and thriving organic farm make this property a truly unique and enchanting real estate.

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