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    Auction: Magnificent Renaissance Castle

    Taking into account the peculiarity of this property, it is advisable to indicate
    historical information about the imposing castle building.

    The original structure of the castle was supposed to be perceived as a real fortress
    only in the nineteenth century, during the Renaissance, the building was expanded and
    decorated by the knight of the time, Francesco Sforza della Cervara, and for his
    princess, he wanted a beautiful and rich residence, thereby expanding and enriching
    the castle with stunning magnificent rooms with towers carved into
    the height of the inner building and the roof covering them.

    Inside, the castle was transformed into a luxurious sixteenth century residence in
    according to the architectural criteria of the time.
    From the courtyard, which is partly landscaped and partly paved, with a total area
    about 1100 square meters, including the part in front of the entrance, you find yourself in the Italian
    garden that ends with a terrace with a view under the forest to complete
    adjacent green area with a total area of ​​about 2850 square meters, garden for
    a green area below, connected by a staircase with a ramp.
    The first floor of the castle with a total area of ​​1200 square meters consists of the above
    galleries, kitchens and related services, living rooms, as well as toilets, corridors, warehouses and
    warehouses, including stairs, accessories for open spaces, such
    as the garage is in the left wing, the warehouse in the garage extends the right wing and a small
    portico in front of the castle. The first and second floors of the central building are connected
    a large hall, which, although built at the end of the nineteenth century, resembles
    classical Europeans of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries with its structure and
    craftsmanship, stucco and decoration also deny their dating. early 900. First
    a floor called noble floor with a total area of ​​about 1000 square meters,
    consists of a gallery, a bedroom paved with wood and marble fireplaces,
    a library paved with wood in several colors and beautiful design, from another
    a representative room, as well as toilets, toilets and changing rooms and a terrace above
    a small veranda on the ground floor and various stairwells to complete
    floor in the entire right wing, with an area of ​​about 170 square meters, as already mentioned
    above represents to date unfinished and subject to rework. Both
    floors equipped with water supply, sewerage, electricity and
    heating, are in acceptable condition. Attic of the second floor with an area of ​​950
    square meters, which is already partly used as storage facilities, and
    the central corridor above the gallery in this case also acts as
    connections between the center piece and the two outer wings of the floor.

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