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    The apartment, located on the noble floor of the house of Bernardo Buontalenti, represents a unique and convenient investment opportunity for several reasons. Firstly, its privileged position in one of the most prestigious and central areas of Florence makes it the perfect choice for those who want to live in an exclusive high-end environment.
    Its composition, consisting of two separate real estate units of approximately 200 square meters each, provides large and functional spaces, while also guaranteeing the privacy of the occupants. In addition, the presence of two entrances from different house numbers gives greater flexibility and practicality of use.
    The real gem of the apartment is the frescoed room, which was once the old library of the building. This environment is a unique historical and artistic testimony, which makes the apartment an interesting option also for lovers of art and culture.
    In addition, the presence of a monumental frescoed gallery leading to an exclusive environment of hospitable executive rooms adds to the property's artistic and cultural value.
    The breathtaking view of the Cathedral of Florence, which stands out as a unique and unmistakable feature of the entire area, is an additional value of the apartment that makes it even more attractive and prestigious.
    In terms of accessibility, the apartment is in excellent condition and can be used immediately without the need for renovation.This makes it a very attractive choice for those looking for a high standard of accommodation without having to deal with costly and time consuming renovations.
    In addition, the presence of these historical and artistic features within the apartment makes it an interesting option for those looking to invest in properties with high value potential, both as a home and as an income generating investment.
    Thus, the apartment in the house of Bernardo Buontalenti represents a high-level choice for those who are looking for exclusive accommodation, with exceptional views of the Florence Cathedral and interiors of great value and artistic beauty, as well as with a unique opportunity. and profitable investment.

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